Thursday 26th February 2015

Another very hot day…
James has worked with the two newly trained anaesthetists, and was very impressed with their knowledge and skills which vastly outstrip the equipment and drugs available here, which is frustrating for everyone. James assisted them with the ketamine anaesethetic  for a laparotomy patient, without the usual control of airways we have in the UK, in the superb new maternity theatre which we are delighted to find has the best toilets in the hospital!


Sally and Hilary, following yesterday’s tragedy, decided to strike while the iron was hot and invited all maternity staff to update their skills in resuscitation of the newborn. Unfortunately, some staff still refused to engage in developing modern safe skills. They are in the process of setting up an HDU in maternity and have moved the portable scanner bought by PAL into that area.

James and I met with IMC (International Medical Corps)  who have been chosen to manage the  £ 2.2 million grant from the Health Pooled Fund (a consortium of international donors including DFID, UK) for the development of WTH. They have asked to have more discussions with us, which is encouraging.
I’ve been locating and mending broken kit and also met with the Matron. Nurse:   ‘management’ here is nothing like the UK!
We moved hotels today so now have Internet (of sorts).and air con


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