Wednesday 25th February 2015

It’s now Wednesday afternoon and with no internet at our hotel or the hospital communication has been difficult. The state minister of health who I met with this morning has kindly let me use an office in the ministry this afternoon…it not only has wifi but a fan, which is great relief in the 45deg heat!

We arrived in Wau quite early on Monday morning having been ably assisted with transport and flights and access to the VIP lounge in Juba by Dr Kediende from the MOH who has looked after us well. Unfortunately the ministry can no longer support our internal flights so all the funding is down to the link now.

We had out usual tour of the hospital and Sally and I, having been here several times were very encouraged by the improvements, not only in the buildings but in the number of medical officers and the improved skills of the student nurses.

For the last couple of days Sally and Hilary have been concentrating on maternity and starting to set up a small high dependence area there. Along with James they were in theatre this morning for a Caesarian section and the baby proved difficulty to resuscitate. Early this afternoon the baby deteriorated and despite the best attempts of our team he sadly died. Sadly this is the third baby who has died in maternity since our arrival. James has been working with the new anaesthetists mostly in the lovely new maternity theatre.

Instruments and sutures

This morning I met with the state minister of health Dr Isaac Cleto and we had a very useful discussion. There will soon be a big investment in the hospital which will be carried out by IMC so we will see more changes.

Welcome at Sr Gracys

Our teaching programme at Sr Gracy’s Mary Help Nursing school has started with James and I teaching resuscitation, and the midwives obstetric emergencies. We received an amazing welcome from the students who sang a welcome to us and Sr Gracy who made us cake! The skeleton we took them caused great hilarity. We went with Sr. Gracy to see the progress on the new hospital she’s building out of town. 

Team set for workIt’s great to be back in Wau despite the extreme heat which is exhausting but we have had lots of very warm welcomes from old friends and new.

The sister of our friend with her babyBaby in grounds




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One Response to Wednesday 25th February 2015

  1. Frankie Dormon says:

    Well done everyone. We are all thinking of you back in cold UK!!

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