Sunday 10th November

Sunday our day of rest, however we were up early to attend the English service at the ECS (Episcopal Church of Sudan) Cathedral.  Hilary delivered a message from the Bishop of Salisbury to the congregation of Wau.  The whole team were invited to introduce themselves to the congregation for which we received warm applause.

We returned to Dorcas to work on our teaching for tomorrow. Later Justin our driver picked us up to take us for lunch with Dr Alex Bakiet (Director General of Wau Hospital) and the fistula team who were taking a well-earned day off after performing 35 operations in 5 days.  Fistulas are caused by obstructed labour; they are rare in the western world but still common in South Sudan.  These women are ostracised from society but with surgery get a second chance for a happy family life.  The team consisted of 2 surgeons, a midwife, a theatre nurse and an anaesthetist from Kenya and Uganda.  We had a traditional meal of barbequed goat and chapatis; all eating with our hands from a large platter between us.  Bruce tucked in with gusto but the rest of us struggled a little with digesting the goat.  We were pleased to see the other visitors also struggling with the heat.

We returned to Dorcas later in the afternoon in time for a leisurely stroll through the local village to take a few pictures and meet some local children enticed by balloons and stickers.  This evening Hilary, Bruce and Sally taught some of the children to play Frisbee. Now it is time for a warm tusker….electricity is a bit erratic and the fridge doesn’t work!

pic 7 pic 8 pic 9

Prem Fade

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