Friday 8th November 2013

We made an early start after a torrential storm over night. We had a relatively uneventful journey to Wau and were at the hospital by 10.30am! Alex Bakiet (Hospital Director General) relayed to us the difficulties the hospital had had since the shooting incident, and the current financial austerity. Currently visiting surgeons are helping with a fistula repair program and much of the hospital resources have been directed to supporting this. The rest of the hospital is relatively quiet.

Sadly there is a significant problem with water supply, and the main bore hole has dried up. Patients have to buy their own water! We met the delightful VSO nurse Liz McCall who is at Wau for a 2 year period. She is going to be an excellent contact for the link, and we hope to support her work too.

We were very excited about starting teaching this evening at the CHTI nursing education institute. We started our program with basic life support teaching in adults, children and neonates to some very enthusiastic students.

Our accommodation at Dorcas  (  is in quite a remote location, basic but adequate. We have already got lost twice trying to get there! We are sharing two people to a room, and Bruce has a bed in the office! Don’t feel sorry for Bruce; he has ended up with the largest room, and has en-suite facilities!!! We have met some delightful and interesting people here working in sustainable development in South Sudan, including the Director  of Dorcas International. We think they will be very helpful contacts to our link.

Tomorrow we have an early start as we are running a workshop on triage and assessment of the seriously ill child and adult. The new Minister of Health for South Sudan is visiting Wau Hospital tomorrow so we are hoping to meet him too.

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