Thursday 7th November 2013

Unfortunately due to circumstances outside our control we have been delayed in Juba, however we have been using our time usefully. We have been impressed by the economic development of Juba, the huge amount of building work, and even an ATM machine. However the infrastructure remains poor, including roads, water and sewerage. There is however mains electricity over the main city centre for much of the day.

Yesterday we met up with Louis Danga, who is the Paediatrician who spent 4 months in Poole between 2009-10. Alongside 4 colleagues he has set up a private hospital about 1 hours’ drive outside Juba city centre. We had a very enjoyable evening with Louis and his family and were fascinated to hear about the progress he is making. I was able to advise him about an 18 month old child presenting in Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Today we had an interesting and informative meeting with Janet Michael who is the Chief Nurse for South Sudan. We discussed training and professional development of nurses in South Sudan which gave us plenty of ideas for our work in Wau.

Tomorrow at last we are flying to Wau very early in the morning and will be teaching in the hospital and he CHTI nursing school.



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