Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April 2013

We all had a relaxed morning on Saturday, treating ourselves to a boat trip on the Nile. Lots of photos were taken and also mangoes eaten after landing for a while on a small island where we picked them from the trees. Back at the hotel there was time for a quick shower, lunch and final pack up before the timely arrival of our car.

Juba airport is getting easier and more organised every time we travel, so it was without too much difficulty we checked in. The flight to Nairobi felt positively safe and luxurious compared to our flights to and from Wau… with a safety briefing, seats that didn’t collapse and a meal that was more than a packet of biscuits!

On hitting Nairobi we shopped and wandered back and forth for most of the time. Frankie investigated the 1st. class lounge as she was staying in the airport overnight to travel on to Zambia on Sunday morning with her husband for a holiday and then a further 2 weeks teaching with THET before cominghome to the UK.
The rest of the team arrived safely at London Heathrow Sunday and arrived back in Poole later that morning.

It has been a worthwhile trip despite the frustration of having to spend 6 of the 12 available days in Juba. We have had achievements both big and small including: the plans for the HDU have begun and there appears to be excitement in the hospital about this. Paeds have a second oxygen concentrator, theatres have a replacement one and Rob is very hopeful that their old one is fixable. The blood bank have a (daytime) working fridge and there is hope that a reliable contact has been found to provide partially used car batteries for the solar panels both in the blood bank and for the lights in HDU. We have also had productive meetings with several people in Juba on both the medical and nursing sides.

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