Thursday 25th April 2013

We had a relaxing morning at the hotel with a well earned lie in. We were hoping to meet with officials at the ministry of health but were unable to as most of the staff were at a conference for world malaria day. 

We found ourselves sat next to the Nile again enjoying the view whilst also being on stand by to dodge mangoes falling from the trees above us, which are constantly dropping with some degree of force, spitting mango flesh and juice in all directions. It is only a matter of time till one of us gets mangoed!!!!.

Despite a slow start to the day we had a very busy afternoon with some very special people. 

We had lunch with Father John, a catholic priest who is helping to set up a brand new eye clinic here in Juba, funded by the Cristian blind mission. He has previous experience of doing this in other developing countries and is able to impart some invaluable information and advice to Ben.

We were also lucky to have Naomi Pendle join us at the hotel. She is a young woman from Bath who has chosen to live and work in a rural village in South Sudan for the last 3 years, she lives in a traditional tookal and can converse in the tribal dialect ‘dinka’. She has been teaching English to children at a school but is now just starting to travel around South Sudan collecting data for her PHD on the South Sudanese tradition of cattle stealing a very controversial topic at the moment.

Following lunch we headed off to the local market for a browse, it was hot, humid and hectic but good to be part of the hustle and bustle of city life. 

In the evening we enjoyed a sociable supper and discussed future pal activities.

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