Saturday 20th April 2013

We are in a game of snakes and ladders,  some of us climbing upwards at a rate of knots,  others keep finding the snakes that take them back to the beginning, but surely  all of us are making some progress?

 Today we had a great day.  After a very leisurely start (it was Saturday!) we ran a surviving sepsis workshop. We had invited doctors and nurses but it was their day off and we weren’t optimistic that anyone would turn up.  Dr Marcello was meeting Ben at the airport,  so he wouldn’t be there either.  We were thrilled that 5 doctors and 2 nurses arrived.  They seemed to stay engaged for the 2 1/2 hours of interactive short talks from all of us and scenario based teaching. The aim of the course is to help doctors and nurses to identify sepsis early,  using the ABC approach and also to give early antibiotics. All important if the HDU is to be successful  They stayed alert despite the fans not working and using our laptops for a screen. On the ward, our patient was improving but had had no Obs since the students left yesterday.

With Ben back the team were complete. 

Back to Dorcas for a change of clothing and into civilisation with an afternoon and BBQ supper at Amarula Lodge, check it out on trip advisor.  We had a long swim, a few beers, good food and good company with our friends from the UN. We stayed till curfew and had a coolish night.

We are looking for a team name,  we need votes please,  ideas include  The plan B’s  Team Solar Seen!


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