Thursday 18th April 2013

Following a terrible night’s sleep we headed off for the hospital with our objectives, enthusiastic about our first full day.

Rob got straight to it with fixing lights in the operating theatre, giving light (when the generators on !) so that operations can be carried out safely in the evenings and over night.

 He also was able to teach some of the surgical nurses and student nurses on the importance of regular vital signs monitoring, using the new ministry of health paperwork. Observations are rarely taken here and even more rarely documented.

I did two hours of solid teaching with the student nurses and midwives in maternity as labour ward was very quiet. We covered assessment on admission to labour ward. Teaching appeared to be well received and they enjoyed using the teaching aids I had bought with me.

Kate networked with IGAD nurses on paediatrics and found the oxygen concentrator bought last year being well used.

Frankie liaised with the doctors on the running and management of the new HDU.

A highly successful first day. We were exhausted by the end of it, and enjoyed a well earned beer after a very interesting trip with our driver to the local market to buy it !


An update on the highs and lows of the last few days.

It has been thrilling to see that 4 more cataract surgeons are being trained in Juba eye unit by Dr Wani. Every week there is a dedicated training list with fewer patients and more time for teaching and I could see what a huge benefit the teaching microscope will be to the unit. I had a very useful discussion with Wani about the support he is receiving from Christian Blind Mission in terms of consumables and other equipment. There is an opportunity for me to help him with upgrading another of his microscopes to the specification required for teaching. The unit could then have 2 teaching microscopes and double the number of surgeons who can be trained safely.

image1 image3 image2

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