Tuesday 16th April 2013

We heard today that we have got a flight tomorrow morning which we are all relieved about. To make use of the day Frankie went off to customs to release/ collect 2 parcels and had quite a time of it (check out her Facebook entry on the PAL site for the full story!)

Maddy went to maternity to see their set up to enable her to compare with Wau, get ideas etc. She saw the senior midwives teaching the students in practice.

Rob went to theatres where he was closely questioned by 4 Chinese medics who were working there, but did see both a ketamine and a proprofol anaesthetic.

Kate was allowed to shadow one of the paediatric consultants, Dr Lokiri who was very informative and showed her all the wards and discussed the common diseases that caused admission.

Ben continues in Juba eye department for the rest of the week and is due to fly to Wau on Saturday. He is putting the final touches in installing the new microscope that he was able toobtain for the hospital due to a lot of hard effort fundraising.

So tomorrow there is an early start (5:40 get up time) for our flight. Next stop Wau!


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