Monday 15th April 2013

We are sitting by the Nile at the hotel here in Juba as there has unfortunately been a bit of a mix up over our flight to Wau. We have used the time well today, visiting Juba hospital where Peter Pal Chol kindly showed us their recovery ward, the eye unit where our Ben will be for a few days before coming up to Wau and outpatients. Peter also introduced us to the staff of the School of Nursing and Midwifery where we had good discussions with two VSO volunteers working there.

Although it is lovely to be able to sit outside in our short sleeves after all the cold weather of the UK, we are having to be aware of falling mangos: they can come down with quite a bang! Maddy was started awake thinking there had been a gunshot in the middle of last night but it turned out to have been a mango falling on her tin roof!

Following our hospital visit we were invited to the Ministry and met Gabriel Loi, Director General of Clinical Services at the Ministry of Health. We all had an enthusiastic and encouraging discussion on various aspects of health care provision and our place in it’s future. Our afternoon has been spent brainstorming with Rob’s roll-out whiteboard ideas from the morning’s meeting. Frankie is now putting this into a more readable format for future capacity building opportunities.

This evening we have been invited for evening cocktails with Eluzai Hakim at the Hotel Heritage which should be spiffing.

That’s all for now folks!

Team Nine on the Nile (well at least for a while . . . )


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