Wednesday 6th February 2013

We in Wau have spent a very interesting day touring the other health related venues, as well as looking after some of the patients who had been causing some concern over the past few days.  Abi had a patient who had been looked after in ”HDU” for male patients, and who had an oversewn peptic ulcer, and has had another settled night.  The patient who was six days old when they received an operation for an obstructed gut yesterday also managed overnight with some oxygen and some fluids, but  seemed to be taking a slight turn for the worse in the afternoon;  but may improve on some antibiotics and some paracetamol. 

We then took a trip to see the Minister of Health, Dr Isaac Cleto in his office in Wau.  He was very welcoming, and we were able to describe our trip so far, and some of the deficiencies which between himself and Dr Bakiet, (Director General of Wau Hospital) they will hope to put right in the coming months.  Hilary was also recorded for Wau local radio, and we took some pictures.

Next we were off to see Hilary’s old friend Sister Gracie at her hospital/clinic/nurse training school, where we had tea and cake, and spoke to Sister Gracie, as well as two Kenyan UN staff, who are training nurses there.  After that we were shown some of the UN facilities just outside town, by a very nice doctor for UN staff there, Dr Aswila, and if I told you anything more I would have to shoot you (they seem to be a bit cagey about security etc.)

Dr Isaac Cleto, Minister for Health family bath time

 Peter McEwan

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