Thursday 7th February 2013

Our 5 bags of kit have arrived at last, and we have spent much of the day distributing kit and gifts. Only damage was to a pocket of one bag, which had contained cereal bars, and was nibbled by a hungry rat (we think!)

Abi, Sara & I went to see the site on which Sister Gracey hopes to build a new hospital, about 5km from the airport;  it will be a challenge, but is much needed.  I collected a lovely cake which Sister Gracey made us when, later in the day, I took her some kit and collected our tickets to Juba tomorrow from the airport. I also visited Dr Majok’s wife and Bishop Moses. The midwives seemed sad to say goodbye to Sara, and the family of a man Abi has cared for on the male surgical ward expressed their deep appreciation to her. We returned from the hospital for Sara to do yet another teaching, as she’s in great demand to teach the student nurses, leaving Judy in her element in the middle of a major surgical operation in theatre.

Sadly, we learned today that there had been two stillborn babies and one maternal death overnight in Maternity.   The baby we resuscitated following bowel surgery has also died, along with another baby with respiratory problems on the Paediatric Ward.

We will be sad to leave Wau tomorrow for Juba and before we go will meet with Alex at the hospital to give him our report.

 a laparotomy for peritonitis Sister Gracey will build a new hospital HERE Wau needs YOU!

 Wau needs YOU!


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One Response to Thursday 7th February 2013

  1. David says:

    Interesting times you are all having. Two steps forward and one step back indeed. How I remember those high’s… and lows…

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