Monday 4th February 2013

 It’s been another of those days that’s been two steps forward and one step backwards. Today we have hopefully identified an area to set up a High Dependency/recovery unit. This will be an on-going 2-year project, and the area we have found, with the support and help of the senior doctors, is part of a newly refurbished male surgical ward. There are several bays around the outside of the ward, and we have identified one for female and one for male patients. We can fit 2-3 beds into each, and there is additional room for a nurses’ station. We will need some curtains for privacy, and have plans to fundraise for new beds and mattresses and an oxygen concentrator, amongst others things. We hope to identify and train nurses to specialise in this area, which benefits post operative patients.

 Abi & Judy have spent some time on the surgical wards, but at times its very discouraging, they found a nurse, despite some training last week, disposing of her ‘sharps’ in a plastic waste paper basket outside the ward;  they had 4 sharps bins on the ward, sometimes they just don’t seem to get it!!!

Judy and Peter have an increasing number of doctors turning up for teaching, which is encouraging.  Sara has spent the day at the Comboni Hospital’s very well run ante-natal clinic which she enjoyed hugely;  she, Abi and Peter have taught the CHTI midwifery students for 2 hours this afternoon.

 I think I’ve got enough footage today for a successful video, and have continued with my interviews for BBC Radio Solent, which I hope will be broadcast after we get back to UK.

 Peter had his hair cut in the market a few days ago for about £1.40, after which we were entertained by some of the students with traditional songs and music.   

Our luggage still isn’t here:  we’re told it’s somewhere on the road to Wau from Rumbeck, and I’m told “Bukkerra” (tomorrow) – I hope so! 


sharing photos with groundsweepers

transport for a mum with polio



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