Thursday 31st January 2013

Hello to all of our readers! It’s a more comfortable day today:  more wind and therefore cloud. No theatre today, so Judy was busy teaching in Outpatients. Peter has been teaching the doctors and students. Sara was teaching midwives and student nurse midwives on midwifery subjects, the interesting one being family planning. The general view at present is that due to the recent war, people are worried that many people died so there is a need to create more new life.

 There have been two highlights today: Hilary and I had a lovely luncheon meeting with Bishop Moses , Hilary loved the lunch so much she has decided to cook the egg, onion and tomato dish with noodles on her return to the UK. We almost didn’t make lunch, as we were almost decapitated as Hilary decided to turn on Bishop Moses’ ceiling fan.  This obviously hadn’t been used for a long time, hence after throwing down lots of muck onto the Bishops desk, it appeared to be hanging on by a thread. After lunch the Bishop entertained us with an interesting talk on polygamy, very common here.

Later on at the Catholic nurse training school, Sara and Peter did some neo-natal teachings;  I did a teaching on choking and the group found it quite funny when one of the students insisted I used him as a dummy to demonstrate how much force should be used when performing back slaps.

Later on two of the students took us to the village outside our compound, it was a real eye opener.  Kids had fun playing with tyres and sticks, and  a mother asked us to help her child who had a stone in her ear, so Judy and Peter attempted a minor operation outside the compound gates!

The nuns are feeding us very well so our hopes of loosing weight on this trip are fast fading.

Ultrasound machine in operation all the time The suburb of Nazareth Resus baby making friends IMG_3149 Hilary and Abi with Bishop Moses Dnka baby in goatskin bag


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One Response to Thursday 31st January 2013

  1. David says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos guys. Sounds like you are having a really good trip. I am particularly encouraged by the sustainability of your work. All the best,


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