Sunday 3rd February 2013

Well, we are now basking in the glow from our halos having attended not one, but three services this morning. Hilary was on splendid form and gave a lovely sermon about finishing lines and taking part in life’s race through an image of the Dorset summer sailing Olympics. So good in fact that Bishop Moses asked her to deliver it to the Dinka service (with translation) and then whisked us all off to deliver it to the Arabic service (translation a little more complex). We did notice it was a little shorter the third time!

The Bishop and the Preacher
Alex then came and collected us.  As 6 into 5 seater doesn’t go,  Peter volunteered to be the boot dog, definitely the biggest person in the smallest space.  Alex’s house is modest, we had a pawpaw harvesting demonstration (tomorrow’s breakfast), and then had a tour of a tukal, for most of us the first time in one.  Alex’s extended family provide a wonderful platter of chunks of yam, fresh bread and peanut butter sauce, with deep fried bean curd, really delicious. The children were delighted with their balloons, balls and spinning tops, and even Alex boasted a new necklace. Lots of useful discussion about what we can do at WHT next week.  On return to the CTHI we worked a bit on talks, and had a lovely evening with the nuns, including a few of their itinerant visitors at Amarula lodge.  Bumpy ride back home through a lively “Wau at night” ( there is a 7.00pm curfew, but you wouldn’t know). Back to hard work tomorrow………..

  Wau Team at work

 synchronised swimming team


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  1. lassey wilson says:

    thats powerful

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