Wednesday 30th January 2013

All have had a wonderful day here in Wau, Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Culture.  First of all I had Weetabix in a mug (no bowls at nunnery).  Then usual taxi ride to the hospital followed by tour of Hilary’s old mates (see attached photos) in the laundry and food preparation areas.  All is very clean and tidy and industrious, and friendly, as we have grown to expect. 

Hilary Clinton greets  old friends

Sara and I spent some time in theatre with baby who required resuscitation, (did fine) and then considerably longer trying to find out what had happened to YESTERDAY’S baby who required resuscitation, but all apparently well there too.  Very saddened to hear that baby admitted the previous day, and clearly severely ill, had tragically died in the night. 

Nursing student teaching for me at lunchtime, also some teaching for the medical officers.  Judy all day in theatre, Sara on resus training and Hilary and Abi on sorting out audit tasks for wards.  Hilary very pleased to have re-established email contact with rest of  world courtesy of Poole Hospital IT Dept (“All Conquering Heroes of the IT Jungle”). 

Large birds (vulture, sighted and shot (camera) by me) and small ones – very pretty turquoise thing – looks a bit like a king-fisher – which sat outside our dormitory building for a while, a highlight of trip so far.  (And getting to resuscitate babies obviously – I have people to do that for me back home).

Peter at work Sara and Peter save another baby

Abi enchants a new babyPeter.

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