Tuesday 29th January 2013

Wonderful to be back here in Wau Teaching Hospital.   It’s hot, and we are now rested from a long flight and a slight temperature shift from snow to temperatures that are melting ice in transit from the door to the eagerly awaited glass of beer.  

In the hospital things are only just getting back to normal after a week of closure during the “troubles” in mid December.   The doctors are all back now, and it is an opportunity in fact to focus on teaching  and management issues while the wards are quiet.  For the three of us who have been here before, we notice a huge improvement on our tour of the hospital with Dr Marcellos.  

On the surgical side there is a new male surgical ward, which is spacious and has an area for pre-operative assessment. Patients only have a short walk to the newly refurbished theatre, which is white with a beautiful new floor.   All the rubbish has been cleared, and the oxygen concentrator is working well:  well used and very much appreciated!  We’ve had such an eventful day today:  a patient with prolonged obstructed labour needed an emergency caesarean section.   The second theatre was opened up, a theatre table was produced from nowhere at high speed and a difficult c/s performed.   The baby was born blue, flaccid and pulseless, but Sara’s quick intervention with neonatal resuscitation soon got a pulse, and spontaneous resps at 20 minutes.   Judy and Abi spent most of the day with Dr Elias in theatre discussing all matters between cases:  for Abi this was her first experience of real live bowel surgery!

Peter spent most of the time on the paediatric ward treating patients with the other Dr Peter, resuscitating a severely dehydrated child, teaching and discussing.   Hilary was in both Queen Bee mode and Super Amazing Worker Bee mode, linking up with every one in the hospital.   One of her highlights was the contact with the ladies in the kitchen and laundry, where she was able to give them photos from the last two years.

On the down side, the internet linkage is a little problematic, and Hilary has needed the saving grace of Dame Yvonne in person to tackle the IT department in Poole about the lockout of her computer!   Our personal luggage is now here, but the main baggage still lies waiting (not sure who or what it is waiting for!) in Juba!


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