Monday 28th January 2013

We had a smooth journey from Heathrow to Juba, arriving to the usual bustle of Juba airport on Saturday morning.   We were transported with all our luggage – 10 big bags with our kit, plus hand baggage – to Juba Bridge Hotel, where we had a relaxing day meeting up with several old friends.   We made an early start after breakfast this morning (we all gave the stewed chicken stomachs a miss!), back to the chaos of Juba airport where we eventually boarded the WFP (World Food Programme) flight  to Wau.   Here we were met by our old friend Dr Alex Bakiet, who has recently been appointed Director General of Wau Teaching Hospital (WTH).   We were unable to get five bags of our kit on the flight and they still have not turned up:  we hope to see them again tomorrow!

We spent the afternoon looking around the hospital:  it’s Peter and Abi’s first  visit to Wau so there was much for them to see.  It was encouraging to see that many improvements made on previous trips have been sustained;  we were able to meet many old friends.

We are staying at the Catholic Health Training Institute, where the nuns have kindly made us comfortable in two of their bungalows.   They are in a clean and safe compound with three hours of electricity a day, which can be a bit of a challenge with charging equipment, doing the blog, emails, teaching preparation, having a meal (and cooling the lager!) &c.   We are all quite tired as sudden exposure to the heat – about 45 degrees C – has been a bit of a shock.   This is the 7th Poole Team visit to Wau, and we just hope we can achieve as much as on previous trips.



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