PAL team arrives

The Poole Africa Link team of Hilary Fenton-Harris, Peter McEwan, Judy Mella, Sara Barton and Abi Montgomery arrived safely in Wau late morning on Monday, 28th January.  

Their flight via Nairobi and Juba was trouble free, and they received extremely good assistance from the South Sudan government and NGOs.  

Their only problem at the moment is that their netbook computer has been locked out of the Poole Hospital system, and attempts to unlock it with the help of the IT department have so far been unsuccessful.  

However, information is currently available by texting, and we hope that a way will be found to enable internet access.   Watch this space!

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One Response to PAL team arrives

  1. Frankie dormon says:

    what about the Facebook page?? let us all know

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