Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

A new initiative called the CMAM Forum has been set up as an information sharing mechanism which aims to bring together all the different resources and initiatives (protocols, guidance, reports, research, training, advocacy materials etc.) related to the management of acute malnutrition into one ‘home’, as well as summarising current thinking on different technical issues relating to CMAM through the development of ‘Technical Briefs’ and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The forum aims to be particularly accessible to implementers in the field and has a facility whereby members of the forum can be in contact with one another directly, to share resources, ask for advice, etc.
The website was launched one month ago and already has 195 members in 40 different countries! But none so far from South Sudan! However it does carry 3 documents from South Sudan one of which is SSMJ!
The website can be accessed via the following link: . If you are working with acute malnutrition please take some time to explore the site, and to sign up and become an official member! 
We also encourage you to send us any interesting and relevant resources you may have, which can be uploaded and shared on the site. Resources and feedback can be sent to
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