Monday 30th April – Teaching, toys and travelling.

Monday 30th April

Today started out hot and sunny. Claire had a very productive day after having initially thought she would have nothing to do, as it was a public holiday. She then found the Obs and Gynae clinic heaving and so was able to help the doctors with their scanning and do a lot of on the job teaching. Once the clinic was finished Claire went through some obstetric teaching with the doctors who continued to show great enthusiasm and interest. Finally she handed over some textbooks and the portable ultrasound scanner to Dr Alex.
Kate went on to C ward to see how things were going to be greeted by Dr Peter (Paediatrician) announcing that he had booked her to teach the doctors all morning on blood transfusion, oxygen  (including respiratory distress and use of oxygen saturation monitors) and seizures! Thankfully she had lessons for these subjects for teaching nurses but she did find teaching the doctors a bit daunting. The sessions were well received but it did mean that she didn’t get as much time on the wards as maybe she would have liked. She did find time to check on the child that had been having the oxygen, he was much better and toddling around, great to see.
The afternoon was spent with both of us giving out the small gifts that the team members had brought for the children on the various wards. There was much laughter, thanks and fun had all round which was a great end to our time at the hospital.
Returning to our house at CHTI we found Valery, our UN Policeman waiting to take us for drinks at one of the hotels. We met the rest of our new UN friends there and were able to say our goodbyes.
Before leaving the hospital Dr Alex had invited us to the family compound as a baby girl had been born to a relative and it was to be her naming ceremony. We both felt honoured to be included in this special event and were able to take photos which hopefully the next team will take out for him. Everyone was very welcoming and we were both really touched when the mother gave us the baby to cuddle for a while.


Wednesday 3rd May

This morning started very early for us: a 4am wake up to finish the packing, have breakfast prior to a 5am departure for Aweil. Well that was the plan! It ended up with a rather anxious wait for the minibus until 6am as there had been tyre problems and then a rather speedy journey to Aweil airport. It turned out that we needn’t have rushed: the plane was delayed, first by a couple of hours but in the end by 4! We finally took off around 14:30 to Juba. The wait wasn’t all in vain though as Father John from the CHTI had come with us as well as Dr Alex. It was suggested we went into Aweil to find a juice bar that John knew of. The fresh squeezed mango juice was lovely.

Arriving in Juba we were met by our GOSS driver and taken to our hotel only to find there had been a mis-communication and the hotel was full. Many phone calls by the driver and much talking with the hotel resulted in a twin room being found for us thankfully; tonight we are in air-con heaven!
It was sad to be leaving Wau but we both feel that the extra few days we spent there were valuable and well used. Thoughts now are turning homeward, with a free day here in Juba tomorrow then flying back to the UK on Friday.



Love from Claire and Kate, 2 of the super 7

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One Response to Monday 30th April – Teaching, toys and travelling.

  1. David says:

    Dear all,

    I have been closely following your most excellent work in Wau. I am sorry about the oxygen concentrator- I bet you were really disappointed, Frankie.

    However, it seems as though you have all had an extremely positive impact and it is obvious that the people out there are fond of you!

    Take good care of yourselves and I look forward to the stories when you are back in the UK,


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