Monday 30th April Radio Wau

Monday 30th April

Monday and the start of our last two days here in Wau. The good news is the generator has been fixed at the hospital and so there was light and fans. There was also water! It seems that the town’s supply was working and so the taps outside the wards were being pressed into action, an encouraging sight.
Claire had a productive day (with power to work the ultrasound) and was able to see many patients in clinic teaching the doctors as she went along. She has found all the doctors very interested and has been encouraging them to keep practicing. She has their email addresses to be able to give advice once gone from here.
Kate had a rewarding day when the consultant on the ward round asked the staff to give oxygen to a child that had pneumonia with respiratory distress (? due to aspirating a peanut). She was able to watch as the nurses set up and turned on the oxygen concentrator, explained to the mother and then started the oxygen via nasal cannula. The only help needed was to adjust the flow and that was because there had been no power to the concentrator when she had demonstrated the machine last week. They also were able to use the new Nelcor Saturation Monitor and see the improvement in the child’s saturations. The mother was pleased as she said her child was resting and breathing better by the lunchtime. It is frustrating to know that the power will have to go off mid afternoon until evening and then again for part of the night as this will mean the oxygen will stop at these times.
We both had an interesting time over lunch when a reporter from Radio Miraya ( came to interview us. They had interviewed Frankie last week and came back for more so Kate got to do the talking, her first ever radio interview.
At 3pm we made our trip out to Sr Gracey to do our last teaching to the students there. Claire was not needed as had spoken last week but Kate taught on ‘oxygen’, recognising the patients who need it, how to give, safety issues and a bit on saturation monitors. It all seemed very apt after the morning on the ward. We then said our goodbyes to Sr Gracey over afternoon tea before heading home for a cool shower: much anticipated!
Tomorrow is our last working day here before flying out from Aweil to Juba on Wednesday morning on the first leg of our journey home.

Kate and Claire

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