Fri 27th April. Claire and Kate get a ride with the UN Police . . .

Fri 27th April. Timeline Wau, Claire and Kate get a ride with the UN Police . . .

There was not much sleep on Thursday night as it was very hot (38 degrees) with no wind, we were up at 5 am to see Frankie, Becca, Prem and Ben off to Aweil airport. All went smoothly for them and we hear that they arrived in Aweil and got the flight to Juba without difficulty, we hope that we’ll have such a smooth time too!

Unfortunately the power is still very irratic at Wau hospital due to the generator being sick. This has lead to great frustration on Claire’s part as she needs the electric to run the ultrasound. She had at least 10 people to scan but unfortunately only managed 3 during the brief periods of power. The other frustration is that several doctors have been present for teaching and so they to have been unable to see practical demonstrations, although Claire has been teaching the theory.

Kate spent thursday night frequenting the bathroom and so was feeling a bit intestinally fragile the next day, much better now though. She has managed to intrest the nurses of all 3 children’s wards in the new oxygen concentrator and has done teaching with many of them as well as the students. There has been some improvement also in cannula insertion technique with the use of alcogel or chlorhexadine before insertion begining to be addopted regularly, along with staff being enouraged to use fresh tape to secure which is encouraging.

In the evening we had been invited out for a meal with Dr Asweila from the UN at the compound so were collected by the UN police (a nice chap from the Ukraine) and taken to the camp. She had cooked a lovely meal which was shared with about 7 other UN workers from all round the world. They were all very interesting and were very welcoming, we got the impression that new faces were a rarity. After dinner we went for a bit of a boogie at the outdoor mess before having to meet their curfue for us of 10 pm. As they were holding our passports at the main gates we felt we should comply!

So now for the next team member profile: Prem! (or as we call her ‘Nigella’). Prem who readily admits that she likes a bit of luxury in life has coped without air con, intermittant electricity, and no high heels. She has managed to survive admirably though with her 3 eyeliners and some nail varnish and has been gathering several south sudanese recipies to take home. As she left for Juba she was already planning her dinner party. Prem’s top tip of this trip is ‘never say no to a wet wipe!’ We all agree!

Sat 28th April

Today we have a full day off so have had a later breakfast and plan to go and investigate a swimming pool (although we are going to have to improvise suitable swim wear, after all ‘this is not a holiday’ and so we hadn’t brought our cozzies!) Tonight we have a further invitation from our friends at the UN to join them for a BBQ which should be great. Until the next time, Kate and Claire.

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