A New Year 2012 Message from SSMJ

Dear SSMJ Readers,

As we start 2012 the South Sudan Medical Journal Team would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement during the past year.

2011 saw great developments in the SSMJ. Some of the highlights include:

  • Improved website with additional resources such as the e-learning zone.
  • Revamped design for the print and pdf edition of our journal.
  • Started printing and distributing hard copies of the journal in South Sudan.
  • Cooperation with partners, such as UNFPA, to print copies locally in South Sudan.
  • Increasing number of articles submitted to the journal by health professionals in South Sudan.
  • A blog has been started to bring to light some of the work being done by doctors in South Sudan.
  • Support given to South Sudanese doctors for their membership exams via online revision tools.

We are particularly encouraged by the support and the reception we received, not only from South Sudan, but also from around the world. Many of our articles have been reprinted elsewhere. Without your input, we will never achieve much. We thank all our authors and the people who helped us to edit and review the articles.

Our website received a good deal of attention from the start. We have about nearly 500 people on our mailing list and during 2011 the website has had over 42,000 unique visitors. This is tremendous!

In 2011 we printed over 1,600 copies of the journal and distributed it free of charge to the ministries of health in the states, the three teaching hospitals as well as UN agencies and several NGOs. We thank WHO for delivering some of the copies to the states through their system.

The SSMJ has some challenges to overcome. For example, to sustain free distribution of hard copies, we need regular funds to cover the high cost of printing.

As always, we are keen to publish short reports on research and experiences from healthcare professionals in South Sudan, especially from those of you working in the field. Please contact me if you have suitable material, or have ideas for improving the journal.

Have a blessed New Year 2012!


Dr Edward Eremugo Luka


South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ)

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