Another day of progress at Wau 29.11.11

Having heard of the atrocious weather in the UK the weather update from Wau is very hot , calm and sunny with no rain. The locals are feeling the cold though, as it’s certainly not as unbearably hot as previous trips. When I gave a talk to the doctors on intensive care/infection control in the UK this morning, they were very shocked at the thought of being ‘bare below the elbows’ and said it was too cold!

Ally has been very involved in the care of a child of 7 months who has symptoms of acute advanced meningitis: he was very, very sick and would have been in an ICU if in the UK.  She called a paediatrician and gave him fluids, and involved the student nurses in his care, who assisted with her communications with the patient’s family. We have done all we can and can only hope he survives.

 The patient in maternity to whom Jane gave our antibiotic drugs has improved, and is out of bed following a blood transfusion. Blood is normally donated by relatives, as there are no blood banks or storage facilities.

Judy has spent the day in theatre, and is relishing in skin grafts following snake bites, and huge hernia repairs not often seen in theUK.

Teaching is going remarkably well, both the doctors and student nurses are all attending lectures with great enthusiasm;  its very encouraging.

After finishing our teaching at 4.30 we visited the wonderful Sister Gracey at the Mary Help Clinic. We had an amazing and humbling welcome from her students, many of which we had taught in May, and saw her great clinic and school which is attended by 1800 pupils.

Personally, I see so many people after 5 visits here, and their welcome back is truly amazing.

Ally gives fluid to sick baby

Ant and Ally teaching nursing students


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