A good start to the week

It’s been a very productive day for us all.  Jane delivered her first Sudanese baby and has struck up a very good relationship with the midwives. The midwife from Uganda, who was here on our last visit is still here, and has made good progress;  there is also an excellent male midwife from Kenya working here. There is a big drug shortage here in Wau, and often patients can’t afford to buy them anyway.  Jane has taken some of the drugs we have brought with us for emergency team use for an extremely sick lady, who had a Caesarean section nine days ago and has sepsis:  without them she wouldn’t have had the drugs she desperately needs.

I’ve been to the Episcopal church (Episcopal Church of Sudan) again and made a presentation to the Mothers Union (I was presented with a local necklace) and took footballs to the headmaster of the school there. I then went to the airline office and paid for our tickets…a great relief to get these, and a good job the hospital here had booked last week for our return on Friday, as the flight is now full!

I’ve been anxious to see the community clinic on the Eastern bank (supported by ECS) and went with Father Andrew from  the ECS and our driver. It’s about a 20 minute, bumpy drive to a fairly remote spot. There was a long queue of children waiting for immunisation (someone goes around the village with a loudspeaker to get people to come along). I talked to the midwife who does ante-natal care, and also delivers babies in a dark little room. She had some very ancient instruments, no drugs and no blood pressure machine. I’ve promised her some instruments and a couple of BP machines by the end of the week, as we have a few spare.

I’ve also made contact with the consultant ophthalmologist of the dental department, and delivered some drugs and books to the HIV clinic. The doctor there was delighted and wants to make contact with the Sudanese HIV consultant at Bournemouth hospital.

Judy has made contact with the surgeons and seen some interesting cases on the wards. Her great success is getting the hospital carpenter to make some crutches for an amputee.

Antoinette and Ally have seen some very interesting cases, but there is a huge challenge with the nursing care on the paediatric wards, and they are unlikely to have enough time to make much impression there.

The doctors have been coming along very enthusiastically for teaching, and we are also teaching nursing students who are working here at the hospital, finishing out teaching about 5.00pm. Jane delivered her talk on family planning and sexuality, an interesting challenge with these students who include several ex-soldiers in their 40’s! We are aiming at two or three talks a day at the end of their working day, in order to catch up on our programme.


children queue for immunisations



Group of children on Eastern Bank


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One Response to A good start to the week

  1. Frankie Dormon (also Mrs Pride!!) says:

    Fantastic to hear of progress. Well done to everyone.

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