The Ginger Mo So Far….

1 day BM (Before Mo)

The shave occurred the night before, bye bye to 4 day old stubble and the only time I’ll be picking up my electic hair cutting devices.

Day 11

11 days in and like previous years my mo is barely noticeable with a visual distance of about 30 cm, if you are looking for it.

Tin-Tin? Rooster? or what else is a Rooster called…

I think this year’s mo is different, I feel there is more thickness, more substance, perhaps it is wishful thinking, perhaps it is because I am in a country where facial hair is not a forte, I certainly feel more manly.  When the Chinese do do facial hair I personally think they do it well.


This year is also different because I am not working in a 250 person environment where I’m well known, receiving daily ridicule. My mo, is going unnoticed hence the blog.  I get funny stares in Hong Kong frequently, I live in a less western populated area of Hong Kong where ‘ghost men ’ the literal translation for Caucasians are less common.  So enter a five foot nine and three quarter ginger male and you start to receive mixed stares and responses.  Some look shocked, almost aghast with a look of implausibility; “is his hair natural?” Others push their children to me in an effort to get them to talk English; many greet me with smiles and try out their own English delighted when I respond in very simple Cantonese.

Day 16

Progress?  It’s slow but it’s there

Day 24

My mo is visible AND CONFIRMED!  Granted, I sit less than two meters away from the person whom mentioned the mo. He alluded to its presence without me protruding my lip and trying to get the light to glint off of it into his eyes.  His name was Marcus and he’s a 5 year old Hong Kong boy.  He was looking at me and laughing as he usually does, calling me fat – he calls everything fat. He started to make actions of shaving his top lip and pointing at me and then of course laughing. I confirmed with him with glee and joy in my heart whether he thought I needed a shave and that he could see it.  He responded positively and again with a laugh.  Thank you Marcus 10 stars for you, my boy.

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One Response to The Ginger Mo So Far….

  1. Excellent work my ginger fuelled hair-tastic chum. I would recommend some fertiliser…

    Thanks for your support, Gavin. Take care of yourself and see you soon,


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