Sunday in Wau

It is now Sunday afternoon and the Team all feel very settled in Wau. Despite our extremely frustrating start stranded in Juba, we are now feeling extremely positive about the work we can do in Wau. As Hilary described we had a full and varied study day on Saturday with excellent attendance and enthusiastic participation from the junior doctors and nurses. The consultant medical staff were most supportive and several attended the study day too. We have planned a full teaching program of practical and lecture sessions for the junior doctors and nursing staff along with ward teaching in the remaining available time.

For me personally, it is now exactly two and a half years since my last visit. What a change in Wau hospital since then! There is a new out-patient block with a bright and shaded waiting area with a smart reception desk. A new laboratory has been built which although remaining limited in resources and available tests is now bright, airy and three times as big as previously. There is also a refurbished paediatric ward and maternity unit.  There are considerably more junior medical staff, with 20 pre-registration house-officers. There are also many signs of improved organisation and care: for example we noted rosters for the surgical doctors, common antibiotic doses posted on the children’s ward and proper sheets on the children’s beds. There continue however to be major deficits including lack of piped water and only one currently non-functioning oxygen concentrator.

The new Laboratory

 As Hilary mentioned are staying at the bungalows of the CHTI .  Here also is a fantastic improvement since my last visit. At that stage there was just a shell of building which has been transformed into a fully functioning modern nursing college. The second year students are already half-way through their training!

 On Sunday there is no opportunity for us to teach. We joined Dr Majok at the Episcopal Church of Sudan early this morning for the English service.  We were particularly proud of Hilary delivering the sermon at the request of Bishop Moses! Following this Dr Majok took us to visit the old Leprosy hospital at Agok. The whole hospital is currently being completely renovated and converted into a new medical school! Following separation from North Sudan, medical students from Southern Sudan were evicted from Khartoumand urgently need facilities to continue their medical education.


Hilary delivering her sermon

 Antoinette 27/11/11

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