SSMJ Moustaches

Dear SSMJ followers,

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Gavin Beamon and I am 31 years old and a ginger.  I am living in Hong Kong with my wife Pat and consider myself lucky to know Drs David and Clare Attwood. I admire the efforts they undertake personally and the efforts of the SSMJ as a whole.


383173_10150961695070384_535155383_21839765_2049118339_n.jpgSoft lighting required

The primary aim of this blog is to help raise awareness of the SSMJ’s  click here to donate now  link on the SSMJ’s support page.

The SSMJ are a not-for-profit organisation that is staffed by volunteers. They rely on the generosity of the general public to allow them to continue their work in the developed and developing world.

Riding on the back of the hairy lip wave that is Movember (About Movember ), I have chosen to dedicate half of my hairy lip to this cause, the SSMJ. By sparking conversation and open ridicule I hope that my efforts are worth a few pounds. The funds raised will go towards the education of a ‘Nurse Teacher’ to help propagate improved nursing practices throughout South Sudan.

I will shortly post the story so far and keep you updated at various intervals over the next 10 days of its slow and tickly progress to its eventual demise.

Many Thanks in anticipation

Gavin Beamon

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