Malaria has been in the news recently, and we have come across this article which suggests the Government are taking new measures in their battle to combat the problem in South Sudan:

Health officials and human right activists have welcomed the government’s proposal to use indoor spraying in a bid to kill mosquitoes and control malaria in South Sudan.

Health deputy minister Yatta Loli told SCR News last month that the government is working on a plan to introduce an anti-malaria method called Indoor Residue Spray (IRS) in South Sudan.

Dr. Roland Loro, who is the medical director of Juba’s biggest private hospital, welcomed the use of IRS saying it should have been introduced much earlier.

He added that some of the chemicals to be used have long been proven as harmless to humans and their side effects are much less damaging than malaria itself.

Edmund Yakani, a human right activist, said the government should choose qualified personnel to spray the chemicals to prevent environmental and health damages.

Mr Yakani said South Sudan has been using mosquito nets to prevent malaria but its coverage is low due and uneven.

He stressed that many people do not know how to use the nets and others fish with them.

This would be the first time South Sudan uses the IRS method, if concerned government branches, health bodies and other stakeholders agree upon it.

A World Health Organization official told SCR News that the UN agency is aware of the government’s proposal to introduce IRS to combat malaria in the republic.


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