Can you help?

The aim of this blog is to provide up-to-date information on health matters in South Sudan. If you come across any stories you think SSMJ readers might be interested in please don’t hesitate to send them to me, and I can put them up on the site so that all members can read them.

If you work in the health industry in South Sudan please feel free to send me articles you come across or feel free to write your own. Perhaps you work in Juba Teaching Hospital, would you like to write a few short pieces about your experiences? Maybe you work in the NHS and come across information that might be of interest to our readers.

The more information we have on this site the better it will become, so if you come across anything you think might be relevant please just send it to me at

Thank you

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2 Responses to Can you help?

  1. Dr. Onyenibedi.Charles. Ikeji says:

    Reading you blog, “Can you help” interested me .After reading a VOA report dated 21, August, 2012 about the absence of Psychiatrists and minimal Mental Health Services in South Sudan. I wish to come to South Sudan University teaching Hospital to work.I am a Psychiatrist from Nigeria. Please, furnish me with the necessary information to enable fulfill this wish. Thanks.

  2. Midwives for the South Sudan is wanting to come to RoSS this year!

    I have been looking over the stories in the newsletter and I am still amazed that we are finding so many “curable” ailments that are easily remedied. This saddens me. I have been working with other world-helpers to end this number of dead and dying Mothers and Babies and now come to you to ask for you to now help US manage a trip to help. I have a site you can visit to see what we are doing….please let me know who I would need to speak to, to get there THIS year!

    Dr. Ameena Ail-Abduljabbar

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